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Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek is a major tributary of Canaseraga Creek, which it joins near the south end of Poags Hole Road. This stream averages 10 to 12 feet in width and has a predominantly cobble and gravel bottom with some areas of bedrock, especially in the downstream sections. Much of this stream is surrounded by woodlands, which provide some bank cover, but most sections seem to have little overhanging vegetation. Sugar Creek has excellent water quality and flow and is fishable all trout season. The uppermost section of the stream supports a population of wild brook trout, and a 6-mile-long section is stocked with brook trout. A 1,600-foot section of the stream flows through the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area, providing public access. (The map pin is located on the DEC parking area just south of the stream). 

In addition to fishing in a very rustic setting, Sugar creek offers great opportunities for creek walking and photography. All of the stream between the crossing of Canaseraga Road and the junction with Canaseraga Creek flows through private property, but it's worth getting permission to hike here, as several beautiful  waterfalls are located along this section of the stream (see photos).


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Location Map


Sugar Creek, shown here flowing through the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area. This section of the stream is accessible from Dannack Hill Road.
Much of the upper section of Sugar Creek runs along the base of a cliff, and these sections are often narrow and deep. The run shown here is about 18 inches deep.
Trout aren't the only fish found in Sugar Creek. Great numbers of small fish, such as these blacknose dace, are found in many sections of the stream. These small fish can make bait fishing difficult, but they provide food for adult trout.
Though much of Sugar Creek flows through a heavily wooded area, some sections are open enough to cast a fly.
Shortly before Sugar Creek flows into Canaseraga Creek, it flows over several waterfalls, all of which are on private property. If you can obtain permission to access the waterfalls, you'll have opportunities to take some great photos and possibly do some fishing. Even when water levels are low and summer air temperatures are high, waterfalls can make long sections of a stream habitable to trout. I've seen trout caught below this falls in August.

Resource Map

See Location Map (above) and map of the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area and DECinfo Locator Map under Links.

Driving Directions


Road Access:

A short section of this stream is accessible off Dannack Hill Road in the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area (see map under Links), but all other sections are on private property and are best accessed at road crossings. The lower end of the stream is accessible only from the Sugar Creek Glen Campground at the end of Poags Hole Road. The campground charges a fee for a day pass.

Boat Launch Site(s):



Fishery Management

Management Category: Stocked: From Canaseraga Road bridge (County Route 17) upstream to the Dannack Hill Road bridge; the remainder of the stream is wild/uncategorized.

Fish Species:

  • Brook Trout (wild)
  • Brook Trout (stocked)

Stocking Information: Sugar Creek is stocked annually with brook trout. See Livingston County stocking list.

Special Fishing Regulations: None. Statewide fishing regulations apply.

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