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Oatka Creek (Middle Section)

The middle section of Oatka creek extends from the low dam in the village of Warsaw down to Buttermilk Falls in Le Roy, a distance of about 20 miles. (See Links for a drone video of Buttermilk Falls. This falls is on private property and access is prohibited.) Unlike the upper section of Oatka Creek, most of this section tends to get overly warm and weedy during the summer and provides only fair-quality fishing for northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and rough fish. In terms of fishing, this middle section of the stream is of local interest only and not worth a special trip. There are no fishable tributaries along this section of Oatka Creek. 

In addition to fishing, the section of Oatka Creek in Leroy also offers two opportunities for paddling and birding. A municipal launch site for canoes and kayaks is located off Munson Street, immediately upstream of a dam. (The map pin is located in the parking area for the launch site.) From here, it's usually possible to paddle as far upstream as an old railroad bridge; upstream of the bridge, the water quickly becomes too fast and shallow to paddle much further. While there is some development along this section of the stream, much of the shoreline is wooded, giving the area a rustic feel. This is a round-trip paddle of 1.4 miles. You can also put in immediately downstream of the dam at Munson Street and paddle down to the widewater area, which is formed by a second dam near Main Street/Route 5. (Don't get too close to the dam). This is a round-trip paddle of 1.8 miles. The widewater area resembles a large pond and is bordered by a mostly wooded shoreline along the west bank and a linear park along the east bank. Both trips offer some interesting scenery, including several islands, and very good birding opportunities (see photos). Surprisingly, no bird sightings for these sections of Oatka Creek have been entered on eBird. To see how you can enter your bird sightings, see eBird under Links


For additional information, see Oatka Creek (Upper Section)


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Location Map


This low dam in Warsaw marks the beginning of the middle section of Oatka Creek. In the spring, stocked trout are found in the pool below the dam, but warm-water species such as northern pike and bass dominate downstream to Le Roy.
A municipal canoe and kayak launch site on Oatka Creek is located off Munson Street in Le Roy, just upstream of a dam. A fishing and observation platform is located next to the launch site.
This dam is located immediately upstream of Munson Street. The municipal canoe and kayak launch site is located about 120 feet upstream of here. Canoes and kayaks can also be put in and retrieved on the downstream side of the dam.
In the fall, the widewater area in Le Roy attracts large numbers of waterfowl, including Canada geese, mallards, mergansers, and buffleheads.

Resource Map

See Location Map.

Driving Directions


Road Access:

For such a long stretch of water, the public has surprisingly limited access to Oatka Creek between Warsaw and Le Roy. Access consists largely of road crossings, few of which offer real access due to a combination of posting, overgrown vegetation, and steep stream banks. Perhaps the best access is at the crossings of Route 19 in Warsaw, Main Street in the village of Wyoming, and Route 63 in Pavilion.

In Le Roy, access is available at the fishing platform and launch site off Munson Street and along Wolcott Street, but parking along this street is limited.

Boat Launch Site(s):

A municipal canoe and kayak launch site is located off Munson Street in Le Roy. The launch site is situated on the section of Oatka Creek upstream of the Munson Street dam, but it is also possible to put in and retrieve your craft immediately downstream of the dam (see photos).


Fishery Management

Management Category: Non-trout Water

Fish Species:

  • Northern Pike
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Carp
  • Suckers
  • Panfish

Stocking Information: Not stocked.

Special Fishing Regulations: None. Statewide fishing regulations apply.


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