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Cazenovia Creek (Main Stem)

Cazenovia Creek provides good fishing for smallmouth bass, and fly fishing for bass on warm summer evenings is popular on this stream. Minnow and crayfish imitations and streamer flies are very effective, especially in the faster sections. In the lower reaches, much of the stream is slate bottomed. There are numerous undercuts in the slate, and the bass will often use these as cover as they wait to ambush baitfish. Small spinners, poppers, and live bait are productive on this section.

Cazenovia Creek is also known for its good fishing for steelhead, which run up the creek from late fall through early spring. Steelhead are not stocked in this stream; these are all strays from the Buffalo River. Under the right water conditions (cold and sufficiently high), the fish enter Cazenovia Creek in surprisingly good numbers. The main stem of the stream provides a variety of water conditions, including a low waterfall, rapids, and calm, deeper water. The waterfall is the first significant obstacle the fish must clear when moving up Cazenovia Creek. These fish can run as far up as a dam located just downstream of Center Street in East Aurora (on the East Branch of Cazenovia Creek) and the dam at Bridge Street in West Valley (on the West Branch of Cazenovia Creek). The east and west branches of Cazenovia Creek join about 480 feet south of Quaker Road in East Aurora.

In addition to numerous road crossings, extensive public access to the main stem Cazenovia Creek is available in Cazenovia Park and Thomas Higgins Park in Buffalo, and in Mill Road Park and the Cazenovia Creek Fish and Wildlife Management Area in West Seneca (the map pin is located in the WMA).

Location Map


In 2023, major improvements were made to Thomas Higgins Park. Small but strategically located at the junction of Cazenovia Creek (foreground) and the Buffalo River, this park is a great asset, providing pubic access for kayaking and shore fishing along two major waterways.
The steelhead from the Buffalo River that wander up into Cazenovia Creek encounter this low falls a short distance upstream in Cazenovia Park. Most of the fish can make their way over the falls unless the stream is jammed with ice.
Though the lower end of Cazenovia Creek flows through a highly developed urban area, there is still a significant amount of public access to the stream. Most of the public access is found in Cazenovia Park, which provides access to 1.2 miles of the stream.
Cazenovia Creek, seen here looking upstream in the Cazenovia Creek Fish & Wildlife Management Area.

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See Location Map (above) and DEC map of the Cazenovia Creek Fish and Wildlife Management Area under Links.

Driving Directions


Road Access:

Shore access to this creek is available at Thomas F. Higgins Park (Bailey Peninsula), Cazenovia Park, Mill Road Park, and the Cazenovia Creek Wildlife Management Area. Additional informal access is available at numerous road crossings.

Boat Launch Site(s):



Fishery Management

Fish Species:

  • Steelhead
  • Smallmouth Bass

Stocking Information: Not stocked.

Special Fishing Regulations: Lake Erie and Great Lake tributaries regulations apply.

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